Is Online Shopping really worth spending Money?

Not a bragger though, I receive a lot of compliments about my clothes and the very first question asked “Is from where I purchased that beautiful attire”?

I am a professional having a 10 to 7 working schedule and icing on the top is I have my two Saturdays’ working too. Cutting it short, I am left with no time to go to market and shop. Also, I feel while shopping offline i.e. from a mall or local shop you need a companion who can help you in choosing the best outfit. However, in online its so comfortable sitting on couch and googling stuffs. It is bit relaxing as you can always return the item if doesn’t fits you well.

Honestly speaking, I am not the one who spends million on a dress. I always try to buy during some offers such as festival sales which is ongoing throughout the year especially during winters.

So, here are my top picks I got hand on during online sale by various websites:-

New Look Beaming Ugg Boots from

Actual Price- Rs 1295

Bought in- Rs 516

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